You're a Filmmaker

A remarkable thing has happened to filmmakers' tools in the last 15 years: DIGITAL. Until a couple of decades ago, filmmaking was the reserve of film and TV studios with prohibitively expensive equipment, film stock costs, and huge learning barriers to entry.

How everything has changed!

Filmmaking is within the grasp of unprecedented numbers of creators around the world. HD cameras in our phones, free editing Apps for any computer and an endless source of online tuition, have all helped to open our minds and world to the boundless possibilities this medium has to offer. Time had replaced money, joining skill and talent to make up the THREE key ingredients for great shorts productions.

There really has never been a better time than now to be inspired, flex your creative muscles and make a shortfilm.

Let's get shooting!

Where to Begin

Quickflick wants to leave your imagination and creativity unconstrained. We only ask that you keep your creation to under 180 seconds, and allow yourself to be inspired by a THEME that Quickflickers around the world have collectively choosen.

We announce each new theme at the end of our Screening Parties, in our Call for Entry mailers, through Social Networks and here on

The THEME is simply the first step - the starting point from which your creativity can leap! Then it's totally up to you. We encourage Quickflickers to explore all genres, styles and formats... and to always learn by doing.

The goal, ultimately, is to capture a global audience's imagination by telling a great original short story!

Contact a Curator

We're not some faceless online blackhole to throw your precious creative masterpiece down and hope for the best! Quickflick is run throughout our network by local teams of shortfilm aficionados... real people with huge passion for the work of our global filmmaking community, especially as they are mostly filmmakers themselves!

They know what it's all about. How challenging... but ultimately rewarding it is to produce something to be really proud of. They know the joy of screening their work in front of a big live audience!

Quickflick City Curators compile the Screening Party shows - they look after your film and make sure its shown in the best possible light - they want to encourage you to master your craft and make more Quickflicks! Contact your local Curators through this site's City and Team Pages.

The Masterclass

Quickflick hosts Masterclasses a few days before our Screening Parties. These are intimate gatherings specifically for the filmmakers who've produced and are submitting a Quickflick for the latest theme.

We invite experienced and respected filmmakers to join the proceedings - providing valuable feedback and encouragement to a group dedicated to learning by doing. Masterclasses screen all new local submissions and encourage open and candid discussions and appraisals of each others' work.

The spirit of the meetings harks back to Quickflick's origins in New York in 2001. The first Quickflickers would gather in our shoebox apartments share our latest creations with the rest of the group. We created a genuine communal spirit and mutual encouragement for our creative efforts, which still resonates Quickflick Masterclasses today.

Your Premiere

Once you've produced a Quickflick that you're really proud of, then the scene is set. You've worked with the team you've gathered together for the production, or perhaps it was a solo effort with you, Final Cut, and AfterEffects. You've completed your Quickflick before the deadline, benefited from the Masterclass's encouragement... now comes the moment your film is screened in front of a live audience!

The tension! What will the audience think? Will they enjoy it? Will it entertain them?!? There's only ever one way to find out!

Quickflick is all about filmmakers both experienced and newly throwing themselves into their craft, creating something for themselves, their friends and their showreels, something they can be really proud of. The climax is always experiencing a live audience's reaction and affirmation of your creative brilliance!

The Golden Quickie

Quickflick Screening Parties include an element of competition, where the audience or a panel choose their favorite new local submission and award that filmmaker the 'Golden Quickie'. This includes a whole range of different packages depending on your city.

Free equipment hire for your next film, filmmaking courses to continue to develop and fine-tune your craft, film 'clinics' with experienced directors and production houses.... even cameras-to-keep are awarded in some cities! Quickflick's spirit, is not about WINNING, but primarily creating a great short film and screening it in front of a live audience.

The Golden Quickie is icing on the cake for the filmmakers who go the extra distance and manage to produce something outstanding!

Ask your local Quickflick Team for details.

Going Global

Once your film has been screened in one of our Screening Parties, that's not the end. The next step is where the magic of being part of a truly Global Community of Quickflickers pays off.

For each theme, an international Jury of Quickflick organisers from all of our cities watches ALL new Quickflick submissions from around the world - and collectively chooses a selection that inspires us the most.

This global Showcase selection opens the next Screening Parties in all the Quickflick cities around the world! Your film is not only watched by a much larger audience everywhere, but also your creation becomes part of a unique collective global consciousness and voice. On a multi-cultural, multi-national and divided planet, Quickflick Showcases demonstrate our common humanity through our innate passion for storytelling everywhere.

Your Quickflick becomes another small reason to stop fearing other cultures and celebrate instead the amazing breadth of our diversity and creativity. Nice, eh?

Filmmaker's Agreement

Being inspired by Quickflick to create a short film and then submitting that to be shown at a Screening Party won't transfer any exclusive rights to Quickflick World festival. Filmmakers are free to distribute and promote their films as they please.

In addition, Quickflick shares the right to exhibit, distribute and promote submissions as it sees fit, with the understanding that any royalties or revenues that come from agreements involving content will be shared evenly between the filmmakers and Quickflick World.