Here's how the world can see itself differently - let the loons take the asylum and share their stories with us all! Abandoned corporate certainly for audio-visual dreams, which Quickflick's unique global activities and challenges continue to satisfy and surpass. 21st creative provocateur on a mission, just getting started.

Tania Brett
Devil's Advocate

A mission that makes sense: spreading the word about the talent that blooms in Quickflick. Otherwise, I keep myself busy in the world of sponsored events, throwing some color on the usually grey corporate picture.  In my free time I keep running into opportunities to help develop brilliant ideas.


Audrius Bukauskas
Web Designer

From a tiny country but with a bigger brain.

A bit secretive but up to the challenges.

I love bringing web sites to life.

I'm a web designer, that's what I am.


Maybe you need help with your next site?

Teenum Chudha
Web Designer

Has worked as a digital consultant in the fields of paid advertising, SEO and social media for over 7 years.  Co-founded Susumu in 2009 which services international clients from Russia to Brazil and many in between!  A true Londoner through and through with passions for film, great web design, travel, Ollie and his food.

Simon Baird

Beach Monkey (we're jealous)
You see this site?
I dreamed this site.
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