We are....

connecting artists, sharing creativity, blending cultures... Quickflick is a quarterly, global, grass roots, open source, short film festival, simultaneously growing through a selected network of the world’s creative capitals.

We throw parties where talented filmmakers, friends, musicians and like-minded folk can screen and share their latest creations relating to global themes they’ve collectively choosen.

Pluralism of expression, ideas flowing, a symphony, resonance, the world, themes, life, thoughts, creativity, synapses, looks, ideas, techniques, passion…

All geared towards advancing cultural tolerance and understanding by inspiring and debuting the best global filmmaking talent to a growing global audience.

How does it work?

Quickflick is a global call to let imaginations run wild and at the same time a chance to hone filmmaking and storytelling skills.

We believe anyone can make a film, but it takes time, persistance, tenacity, persuasion, and a touch of madness to make really great films.

We invite anyone with the inclination to have their creations screened... to MAKE something they think is great, and then to bask in the glory of their peers' praise, affirmation and encouragement to maybe make another...

Quickflick exhibits these inspired bite-sized reflections of life in Showcases of collective global storytelling. Our parties become celebrations of the ingenuity and imagination that QuickFlicks are made of.


The plummeting cost widespread availability of digital filmmaking has brought this richest of artistic mediums into the hands of the masses globally.

Our goal is to encourage creativity for the sake of developing further our Members' skills and talent. We can then mash-up disparate imaginations to create a stream of collective entertainment from around the world, reflecting a collage of all of our unique perspectives.

The end purpose is to help audiences everywhere understand more and fear less… to celebrate the breadth of our outlooks and recognise the common bonds of our humanity. Quickflick aims to entertain our audiences and bring the world a little closer together.


QuickFlick directors vote for their favorite new themes from lists of possibilties. This is the first step our imaginations take and during the following three months, we write, collaborate, shoot, edit and complete our Quickflicks relating to this theme.

All the new films are celebrated at our public Screening Parties to which we invite friends, production houses, ad agencies and film industry luminaries, all of whom are there to support our ingenuity and vision.

The Quicklick Teams in each city vote for the most inspirational films for each new theme. Their collective choices create a quarterly global Showcase which opens the next parties throughout our network and are also promoted and distributed most widely through all channels.


In Manhattan in Spring 2001, a small circle of friends began gathering once a month in our shoebox Manhattan apartments, to share the short films that we had committed to producing on a common theme at the previous month's get together.

The concept of Quickflicking then migrated to São Paulo, where in 2003, we decided to connect with the original group and publicly celebrate the creations of this nascent global network of filmmakers. So it was in Brazil that we started to party.

Since those tentative early steps, Quickflick has hosted hundreds of screening parties, inspired thousands of original films, welcomed tens of thousands of guests to our parties, and have clocked up millions of online views. Our goal is to simultaneously host screening parties in the cultural capitals of most of the the world's countries.

Open Source

Since starting in 2003, Quickflick World has successfully created its own subculture of low-budget but high-concept filmmaking and launched the concept in the form of live screening parties - into over a dozen distinct global cultures.

Quickflick will continue to refine and develop this blueprint for local stakeholders: the organising Teams, Filmmakers and our Audiences worldwide to adopt and join our network. As an Open Source organisation, we always welcome suggestions to develop and offers to creatively collaborate from all directions.

Quickflick clearly states that we are not in this for the money and this wasn't created to make any of us rich. We are a not-for-profit organisation. We aim to fairly reward the festival organisers for their time and re-invest the rest back into growing our platform and network.

Quickflick exists and develops for the stated goals of providing a world-class platform for creativity and at the same time attempting to counter intolerance and misunderstanding between cultures.